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IN TUNE EP Sessions

Check these snippets while working on one of the EPs - IN TUNE

Capturing something a bit different this time. Different soundscapes and cadences just to FLEX once again on these foo's.

For some reason when I think about the sounds and texture of this project it's mainly darker green, gold, gritty, and still clean. Hypnotic but raw (pause) and still shows the essence of being an emcee. The more you listen to my music, you will undeniably understand that I still love bars. The message(s) that are embedded within the flow and various deliveries is the foundation for me. With all that being said - I am always looking for a bounce. Something that makes the speakers get active. Check out my demo versions of the songs on Soundcloud. You will get the vision - the full EP will be amazing - more to come on that.

Still sounds like that NEW.GOLD

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