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RoyalCity LiF | Where To Travel?

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

⚡️⚡️Where is your favorite place to travel? ✈️


💨💨As I lay back, suggested to stay inside and social distance I am starting to miss being able to travel. Not even anywhere too far! Just travel freely in general. At times I get frustrated with not being able to have a bunch of people over the casa, performing and rocking shows, and hopping on the plane to chase the sun in a foreign land. Not complaining at all but from time to time I think about how things were before sister Corona decided to take over the world.


🍾🍾🌎I close my eyes and envision myself in the sunlight by the beach wearing exotic linens made from the hands of honest people with my beautiful sun-kissed babe by my side 😅


✈️To be real - I feel like my mind is always traveling to different places even when I'm still. The imagination is powerful. I have been around the world dozens of times when I close my eyes. Soon it will happen when I open them back up.

RoyalCity LiF

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