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BLACK.DOGS Riddim Entry

While I'm making this post I'm currently thinking about how much that I do on a daily basis is not essential at all. All of the running around, being busy just to be busy is played out. I'm always doing something but "Rona" has given a moment to slow my mind down. To see a lil more. And what did I see?!? maaaaaaddddd unimportant tasks. You ever heard of the 20/80 or 80/20 principle (i know its an 80 and a 20 damnit)?? Pretty much when mapping out the tasks needed to complete an objective you list everything you can think of that is needed in order to go from start to finish. From that list, you identify the 20% of the tasks that will result in 80% completion of the goal. AKA identify what is essential and what will get the result the quickest and most efficiently. AKA works smarter, not harder (it's great to do both - but that's another post) Long story longer - I am seeing that I could do a way better job at working smarter not harder. Experience is the best teacher and ever since experience has met Ms. Corona - things have been way more ill'a than the usual b! Much more clear.

RoyalCity LiF

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