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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

⚡️⚡️If you could have one of your goals accomplished by tomorrow. What would it be?


This whole thing is supposedly about patience. Making sure that every stage is maximized and that each step has been taken with care. If not, the lessons are learned from the mistakes. I am a big victim of being impatient. That microwave meal craving type s***.

Throughout history, great institutions, kingdoms, and lands have risen from the ground to grow and spread the reach. Through the expansion were battles, wars, sacrifices, gain, uncertainty. Those kingdoms that came out on top were better prepared by planning diligently based on the experiences of past conquests.


I have to remind myself that everything I have done is for tomorrow and that when I plan and execute and repeat, I am effectively laying bricks down to create walls that become buildings that eventually makes a kingdom. .

I am a master architect. As are you! I have the power to build what I see in my mind, but if there is no plan, the hard work that is needed to make it all happen will be misguided and much more difficult. Like architects create blueprints, greatness needs a plan.


Till then - I'll be in the cut laying bricks 🏁🏁🔨

RoyalCity LiF

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