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5 Winning Social Media Strategies To Promote Your Music

The musician’s life is much busier than other professionals. Because of the busy schedule, something they create are profiles on social media and leave it or never go back to check. Some don’t even have an online focus. It is imperative that you consider these facts before starting an actual promotion of your brand/band or yourself across all social networks.

Here are five social media strategies to promote your music/band or yourself:

1. Define Social Media Plan And Objective

Make a Social Media Plan

Before brainstorming any marketing strategy or even any other procedure, we would require a set of objectives. Once objectives are defined, you can go forward and define or prepare a social media marketing plan. The plan should be relevant, actionable, and time-bound. Here are some social media objective examples:

- Build your brand by getting fans to recognize your brand name/ yourself.

- Attract new fans by driving traffic to your social media page or website

- Engage with your fans and encourage others to watch you for your next event, music concert.

2. Customize Your Social Profile

It would be best if you took the time to add compelling profile images, background images, bio, etc. Oh, and don’t forget to put something in the “About” section on your Facebook band page and Twitter page. Apart from this, you also need to add some third party tabs like Reverbnation or BandPage or YouTube to make your profile look attractive. These apps allow fans to listen to music directly from you.

3. Diversify Content Marketing Strategy

The task isn’t over after creating and customizing a social media profile. You need to prepare content and post the same on your profile so fans can engage and listen instead. Content can be divided into the following categories:

- Share albums, videos, and news about other music you enjoy or local bands you play with. Always ask others what they think.

- Share music industry-related news.

- Share insights or recording scenes that reflect the personality of your band and use them to engage fans in conversation. Also, allow fans to share their opinions so you can take your art to another level.

- Always promote teasers before actually launching a video or audio.

- Network with other bands/musicians in other areas to create an atmosphere for possible gig swapping and collaboration as well as the cross-promotion of content.

- Post some exciting pictures of your gigs, music concerts, or any successful shows.

4. Post Frequently And Consistently

The primary key to staying consistent is to focus on creating great music, post content frequently, and communicate directly with your audience. Don’t disappear for months at a time. To avoid posting the same content on different channels, you can integrate social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with each other. Sometimes it’s cool to share your new Instagram photo on Facebook and Twitter, but make sure that you adopt the right caption that will best fit the site you’re posting it on.

5. Regularly Engage With Audience And Fans

It seems simple enough, but practically it’s too hard. After posting content, someone may comment on your content or likes your content, so it is compulsory to reply to them without fail. They have invested time to comment, so they deserve your attention. If you’re busy or unable to respond to every Facebook comment/likes, then at least reply with a single comment that reflects to all the audiences and fans.

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