5 Tips to Make Money with Music Online in 2020

It can be a hard journey for up and coming musicians and artists to have a steady cash flow for their career. The costs of being a performing music artist can begin to stack up quickly. If you are currently active in your career, you can relate. With 2019 being the year of learning, it called for creativity when finding ways to make money from music online, at events, and more. Here are some tips and ideas for making money to fund and accelerate your career:

1. Understand What You Have

The music you create and the brand you establish are valuable assets. Understand what you have. A recorded asset, a publishing asset, lyrics, and something that can monetize in dozens of ways. So an asset is something that, if nourished, can provide money for an eternity, and can make you money while you are sleeping.

2. Lead with The Gems

According to Ecology.com, every day, there are 360,000 births in the world. If your target fans are 18 years olds, that means every day; there are roughly 300,000 new potential fans for you to attract. Think of them when you release content. Because every day you have a chance to put your best songs, best photos, best product out there for people to make a choice. Conversely, when you put low-quality material out there, you are missing an opportunity. Review your content, photos, images, from time to time. Finally, if you’re not proud of it, or you have something that is an improvement, take them down, or bury them.

3. Make Money to Sign Bigger