About Album

After a break from releasing material, I wanted to put out an album and complete project that discussed where I was at that moment in my life. WAY.UP is a true period piece that discusses the many thoughts, issues and conflicts both internally and externally while working to reach higher levels of success.​

The project is a self made recipe as it pairs a relaxed vibe with cinematic production, soul samples, hard hitting drums and subject matter that is filled with lyrical gems and messages. During the creation of WAY.UP I was going through mental, spritual and emotional struggles as I fought to overcome my personal flaws.

Motivational messages, witty lines and undeniable lyricism are found on this project as I focused on being a true MC with a message.  Though I have put out projects in the past, this album marks a milestone as it is the moment when I switched into a new gear to push the art and creativity while being open and vulnerable. WAY.UP is an album that I am very proud of, but it was also like a moment of therapy as I was able to close this chapter to create more full bodies of work.

Artist: RoyalCity LiF

Production Credits: RoyalCity LiF

Label: The Royal City Collective

Genre: Hip Hop / Rap

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