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Notable Live Performances

  • Charlotte BOOM Festival (Charlotte, NC)

  • The Carolina International Arts Festival (Charlotte, NC)

  • Charlotte SHOUT Festival (Charlotte, NC)

  • Fresh Produce (St. Louis, MO)

  • Canada Music Week Featured Performer (Toronto, ON)

  • Mountain West Underground Hip Hop Meet up (Denver, CO) 

  • A3C Festival Featured Performer (Atlanta, GA)

  • Sound & Color Residency (Charlotte, NC)

  • STR.DZE Concert Residency (Charlotte, NC)

  • Controllerize (Atlanta, GA)

  • iStandard National Producer Tournament (Atlanta, GA)

_MG_3631 2.jpg

'A true producer-rapper or rapper-producer. However, you want to put it. He does both at a top-notch level, and while listening to his music me and the writing team have been debating which one he does better. The music bridges hip-hop's new and old essences while creating a dynamic sound flow. You can tell he focuses on standing out and creating a signature sound while still paying homage to the influences that impact how he creates. We are very excited to see and hear more because what LiF is crafting is something...different. Something that can be special..."

Rapper Producer, LiF (pronounced leaf) or also known as RoyalCity LiF, amongst many other monikers, uses his music to create worlds and vibes that carve a new lane for him and the artists he collaborates with. He has an undeniable hunger and genuine appreciation for his craft , which is evident in his music and performance which is fueling his success.





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