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STEREO TRACK EP Essentials Bundle

STEREO TRACK EP Essentials Bundle

The EP Essentials Bundle is a great way to get professional mixing and mastering for your next collection of songs. Get 5 of your songs mixed and mastered, along with edits for radio and clean platforms. Then, we will work with you in three mixing rounds over three weeks to create the sound you seek for your next EP and project. 

This bundle is for stereo track instrumentals and any vocal tracks included in your original song session files. Please note - we will use either Protools or Logic to mix the final results of your music. If your original recordings are in a different DAW, we can convert them to our preferred DAW without any issue.

Before mixing, we will provide notes on any anomalies in your master files for your reference. This will help us remain transparent if we see any issues or ways to improve your original session files before our mixing process. Based on our notes, we will allow you to provide updated files if necessary to get the best result.

After finalizing your mix, you will receive professionally mastered music in HD wav. and mp3 formats. 
You want us to help you craft the sound you are looking for and to have a professionally mixed and mastered group of songs. Then, the EP Essentials Bundle is what you need to start releasing epic music.

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