What Are The Pitfalls Of Using EQ (incorrectly)?

Now that you know the basics of EQ and how we can use it, we’re going to keep you from making the same mistakes as tons of other producers before you.

Look At The Bigger Picture We get that you’re trying to make a bassline or lead synth (or any other sound) smashing by itself. It’s tempting, we know. But the truth is that you’re missing the point of EQ. You could’ve made it the best sound in the world, but if it doesn’t fit your mix, all of the effort was for nothing. Make it your number one priority to EQ in context. After all, EQ is meant to balance your mix. Not to enhance individual sounds. You’ve got other tools for that.

There’s No Such Thing As Magic You can EQ all you want for hours on end, but it’s not going to help you fix a bad recording. It’s like trying to turn a sub bass sound into a high-frequency synth stab. You can’t boost high frequencies when they aren’t there to begin with. The same principle applies here. EQ doesn’t increase the quality of the recording. You’d be better off just re-recording.

Know When To Stop It’s easy to get lost in EQing, especially i