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There is a huge question in the air that has been up there for a while now. Whether the physical record is really on its way to extinction – is it needed to have a career anymore? New acts pop up on the scene with mega hit singles time and time again. The way music is consumed seems to have put more confusion around this question as well. Streaming allows the luxury for music to be enjoyed in innovative ways - instantly. Whether that question has come about because of declining record sales or the increase of singles into the marketplace, the fact is you still need a complete sound.

We love hit singles and it seems that everyone is obsessed with creating that one huge moment. But is that what makes die-hard fans? Fans that sell out shows and buy all the merch off of the table? Not quite. Good singles are the spark, but the people want a full vision, an idea, a message, a movement to get behind. A full collection: a record.

As artists we should challenge the fact that we can create a solid brand and celebrated legacy with a complete sound. Some of my favorite artists are known for a steady release of hit singles, but always release full albums. There’s a reason for that. They build, commit and reinforce their brand time and time again.

As An Artist - Make Records!

The Royal City Collective Does Now Own Image
Studio SetUp

No matter how great your music is, how many fans you have, or how many singles or YouTube videos you release, its seems like we are still a “record” centric culture.

What do you think? Do artists still need complete bodies of work? Or is it really about Hot Singles?

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