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An astronaut's voyage to outer space, “Lost In Space” is a Sci-Fi Bio-Mystery told via chamber orchestra, crafted beats, spoken word, & dance. When viewing Earth from outer space, a new perspective is gained and our existence will depend on our ability to transcend.

Your Neighborhood Orchestra (YNO) [Chamber]:
Director: Elizabeth K with Co-Artistic Directors: Master Kie, RoyalCity Lif, Scott McLaughlin
RoyalCity Lif: Producer
Master Kie: Producer
Kari Giles, Violin
Jennifer Bassett, Cello
Kania Mills, Clarinet/Saxophones
David Mickus, French Horn
Deanna Glenn, Bass Clarinet
Kaylin Stewart, Harp
Fred Dunlap III, Drum Set
Scott McLaughlin, Percussion

Boris "Bluz" Rogers, Voice of the Cosmos
Stryx, Astronaut Aerialist


Master Kie, RoyalCity Lif, Elizabeth K, Scott McLaughlin, Fred Dunlap III, Meng-Tung Lee, Sahasra Anumolu

Your Neighborhood Orchestra is based in Charlotte (NC), A professional orchestra that brings innovative art to the people to bridge, uplift, & unite.

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