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Daily Armour

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I plan on using the studio space in various ways connected to the overarching Project x Collection name: “Daily Armour.” We are constantly bombarded with negative energy, messages of fear, internal insecurities, and obstacles that can often make life feel like a battlefield. This battlefield is a landscape that can be hostile, volatile, and sometimes intimidating to show up as our authentic selves and in total confidence. “Daily Armour” is a collection of newly created and produced art. Including paintings and prints, apparel (tote bags and accessories), music, written reflections, and affirmations, all infused with messages of motivation to continue pushing forward. The armor we need to keep conquering the enemies of self-doubt, trauma, external pressures, and adverse energies. That armor can be built up and fortified through our words, what we listen to, what we read, the art we analyze, the visuals we watch, and the fashion we wear. 


The result is to create: Please note that this timeline addresses my primary creation goals, and understand that I will work diligently and maximize the space and resources. I will follow this timeline to make progress; it also leaves room for me to engage with the McColl center community and connect with other artists while producing at a high level:

  • 20 expressionist paintings (5 - 48in x 48in) - (5 - 48in x 24in) - (10 - 24in x 24in)

  • 5 large-scale mixed-media paintings (60in x 40in)

  • Affirmation Art Prints/Posters (10 designs),

  • 30 canvas/leather tote bags (decorated with affirmations/artwork)

  • Daily Armour Booklet - compiling the produced artwork, prints, and photos of the products and process, along with write-ups and reflections on the creation of each piece.

**“Daily Armor” themed self-produced beat tape (*will be produced outside the McColl studio space). This will be a 7 song project of mainly instrumentals and will be worked on outside of the McColl Studio Space in tandem with my time at the residency.

***FREE curated Playlist/mix that is associated with the “Daily Armour” theme

***Documentary of the production process (*will be edited outside of the McColl Studio Space). I will chronicle my process with personal camera equipment to present a documentary-style visual for showings and events at the end of the residency. These visuals are another opportunity to share insights and showcase the creation process at the McColl Center.


I plan on using the space 4-6 days out of the week (averaging 40hrs of studio work time each week) and plan to divide the four months into the following weeks: 

**The listed hours are allotted times I can dedicate to creating in the studio space. 


I will use the art I produce during this residency to share with the general public through “pop-up” style events / scheduled showings and sessions. These scheduled times will allow me to share the paintings, music, and documentary visuals completed during the residency. Most importantly have a conversation with the audience about the significance of the art, my creative process, and the messages behind Daily Armour. The prints and tote bags will be for sale, along with digital copies of the associated beat tape, to raise money to continue having “pop-up” events/sessions and to rent studio space. Additionally, the art/products created from daily armour will serve as a medium to have more profound conversations about self-care, belief, affirmations, and the work it takes to build ourselves to reach our goals and dreams.

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