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Welcome to the Common Creative x PRIZM Mastering Grant Submission Form

Thank you for your interest in the PRIZM Mastering Grant, brought to you by the Common Creative Initiative and PRIZM. We are excited to offer a select few artists the opportunity to have their album professionally mastered for free by our expert engineers. If you are not selected, you will receive exclusive discounts on our full mastering services. We encourage you to apply again if you are not selected. Here are our selection periods:

Selection Periods:





*specific dates will be included in upcoming announcements

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Album Selection: Artists can select up to 15 songs to be mastered together as a cohesive album. Ensure the track mixes are finalized and ready for mastering.

  2. Accurate Information: Provide the most accurate information about your project, including contact details, track names, and any specific mastering preferences.

  3. Revisions: Selected artists will be granted up to 3 revisions of their master to ensure complete satisfaction.

  4. Deliverables: You will receive:

    • A folder containing the mastered WAV files.

    • A folder containing the mastered MP3 files.

    • A folder containing HD WAV files suitable for various sharing environments and use cases.

How to Apply:

  1. Complete the Form: Fill out the form below with your contact details, project information, and mastering preferences.

  2. Upload Your Tracks: You will receive song file upload details upon selection.

  3. Submit Your Application: Review your details and submit the form for consideration.

Our team will carefully review all submissions and select the artists who will receive the mastering grant. Selected artists will be notified via email. For those not selected, we will offer discounted rates on our full mastering services as a token of our appreciation for your participation.

We look forward to helping your music reach its full potential with PRIZM Mastering Services. Good luck, and thank you for being a part of the Common Creative Initiative!

Apply Now!

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