My best song


The Royal City My Best Song Program engages the youth in a variety of creative activities that are structured around learning the building blocks of making music, working in a studio and how those principles translate into real world attributes such as decision-making, conflict resolution, academic achievement, and job readiness. 


While engaging both one on one and through group discussions, we have discovered that the Arts, particularly music, generates much enthusiasm and sparks interest from the our participants. With music being a universal language, ost of our participants have aspirations to make music or to be in an industry that deals with creativity and artistic expression. Music can be an effective outlet for the participants rather than recidivism, misbehavior and misplaced frustration. Instead of using a traditional format for getting a positive message across to the youth, the use of this program will continue to open communication channels to reinforce the skills needed to succeed throughout life. 


The program utilizes group work, individual participation, lecture and activities that will ask the participants to share their opinions and express their views.


The Royal City My Best Song Program was developed to highlight the building blocks of how to properly record music, produce and work in a professional studio setting while paralleling that information with skills needed to navigate through life. The program starts with the basics of professional etiquette aligned with “What is sound”; progressing to how to properly sell music to create a potential stream of income. This program is intense, active and exciting with the aim to build the participants confidence and ability to express themselves while eliminating the impulse for violence or to break the law.


Teaching the true process of how music is made and captured gives participants a clear understanding of how to confidently produce their ideas to reality, while learning about professionalism, organization, communication, persistence and patience. The true value proposition is to create an environment to encourage creativity, expression and individuality while teaching the participants the building blocks to capture their musical ideas, capture a great performance and learn about the tools to creating a great mix. Most importantly the participants learn about important lessons that will prepare them for success in all areas of life. They will be walked through many levels of information within the realm of music while being able to teach important lessons about life and overall professionalism. The ideas and information that will be shared and displayed can help the participants learn about the process of music, as well as being able to express their feelings and to have the knowledge of how to turn their passions into a positive part of their lives.






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